Rant 3: Who’s the real enemy?

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UFO’s exist. Don’t laugh, don’t smile don’t even blink. You know there’s more to life than what you see around you everyday. Earth isn’t the center of the freakin universe anymore, the sun doesn’t revolve around us and the earth ain’t f**kin flat! It’s time for us all to wake up to what’s going on around us. The truth has been hidden for years and we’ve been taught to laugh at those who seek it. In popular TV and Movies it’s always the Aliens who are the bad guys who are attacking us.

Look at shows like V, the popular 80’s series about aliens who come to earth to conquer us. Films like Mars attacks or Independance day, all with the aliens as the baddies who come to conquer us. Sure it’s seems harmless enough, but isn’t it a lot easier to blame that which we do not understand rather than those who seek to control us? When the day comes for the biggest hoax of them all will you be fooled?

It was easy enough for Orson Welle’s when he read ‘War of the Worlds’ on the radio to an audience of willing participants. They thought it was real, just like my cat thinks the red laser dot I shine on the wall is actually a living thing for him to catch. People thought they really were being invaded! So what’s going to happen when one day they really do fake an alien invasion? We’ll willingly give up our last shreds of freedom and dignity so they can militarize space. All we ever need is an enemy and we give them an excuse to rule over us like Kings.

We’re practically living in the world of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ already. We gave them permission to invade Iraq, and all the protesting in the world didn’t stop them either. Sometimes it just seems like we’re rolling out the red carpet for them. I’ll tell you what though, when and if the time comes and a supposed invasion from outer space actually seems to happen, I won’t be buying it!



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