Drunk Midwesterners Make Up the Majority Of UFO Witnesses

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Cloud? Or UFO?? (Cloud.) / Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday is the 67th anniversary of the rumored alien crash-landing in Roswell, New Mexico. But extraterrestrial aviators have been rather busy in the last few decades.

The National UFO Reporting Center has received about 90,000 reported sightings of UFOs in the last 40 years, according to the Economist. That’s about six per day—with the majority happening on Fridays, in the West, and during, um, drinking hours.

When and Where Americans See Aliens

Economist/National UFO Reporting Center

The fact that this graph is going viral online today suggests many are persuaded by the correlation. It would irresponsible for me, as a statistical analyst, to not point out the problems with it. And so, for the Roswell fans out there, I present three veins of countervailing interpretation:

1. The correlation is weaker than it appears. Utah, the state with the lowest beer consumption by far, has a higher share of UFO sitings than North Carolina, the state with the highest beer consumption. Washington, the state where you’re most likely to report a UFO, drinks less alcohol than all but six states. There is more to the story than alcohol, sheeple.

2. We have several omitted variables, including direct line-of-sight to the sky and light contrast. It’s plausible that people don’t see UFOs while they’re working or sleeping because … they’re working in-doors and completely unconscious. What the Economist calls “drinking hours” are also the hours we’re most likely to be outside looking at anything bright contrasting with the dark sky.





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Fight the Power, NZ style!

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It’s stuff like this that makes me proud to be a Kiwi. Good on you chaps for standing up where others would lie down. We did it with the Springboks, then in the 80’s with our firm Anti Nuclear stance and now with this. I went to a few student protests at Uni, I know wht it’s like, good on ya mates!! A small country that stands defiant, god bless my homeland!

Fugitive Rice makes narrow escape in Auckland

United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a narrow escape from justice, with the assistance of the New Zealand Police, in Auckland on Saturday 26 July. The police can now consider themselves accessories to war crimes. Rice met with government leaders in Auckland but was chased by 150 protesters spurred on by a bounty of $10,000. They called for her arrest, under the Geneva Convention, for war crimes and for her role in authorising the use of torture.

There was chanting, speeches and an impressive US flag burning outside Government House where Rice was meeting with prime minister Helen Clark and foreign affairs minister Winston Peters. The speeches focused on Rice’s support for the illegal and immoral war in Iraq, as well as the wider and more nonsensical ‘War on Terror’; her sanctioning of torture and instrumental role in setting up Guantanamo Bay; and on what a bad idea a free trade agreement with the US would be. Then the crowd relocated to the Langham Hotel, where Rice met with leader of the parliamentary opposition, John Key.

Auckland University Students Association had to withdraw the bounty it placed on the head of Condoleezza Rice two days earlier, under threat of legal action. However, the students association at Victoria University in Wellington doubled the price, offering $10,000 for a successful citizen’s arrest. Although several people turned up to the demo with handcuffs, the chance to nab Rice didn’t present itself. Police refused to cooperate in the arrest of this war criminal, giving the irrelevant excuse that she is a visiting dignitary.

Police had planned to limit protest at the Langham hotel by keeping protesters on the opposite side of the road, behind shiny new barricades that had obviously been bought specially for the occasion. What they hadn’t planned for was a busload of protesters being dropped off at the bus stop outside the hotel. After fifteen minutes of chanting and yelling by protestors, the police claimed that standing on the public footpath outside the hotel, was a ‘safety risk.’ When protesters refused to leave, the police violently forced them off the sidewalk and out onto the road. Protesters were shoved, punched and thrown to the street and pain compliance holds used on several protesters to get them to move. Several were punched in the face, including veteran activist John Minto who was shoved to the ground by several officers, smashing and breaking the megaphone he was chanting through. Two protesters were arrested and one man was left bleeding from the neck and wrist.


And here’s what some jerkass wrote in reply:

Good for the police

Jeremy(jsvanport@yahoo.com) 03.Aug.2008 07:36

A couple of points.
A: The police were right in chasing of the protesters. They were in front of private property.
B: If they had erm lets say detained Mrs. Rice they would have been charged with kidnapping.
C: Many would have died when her secret services(yes she has them) opened fire to protect.
D: If and once more big if, they had got her they would have been attaced by U.S troops.


What an asehole! Here’s someones reply which I quite enjoyed:

Bad for all good people

sysiphus 03.Aug.2008 14:41

After placing Jeremy on the list of insignificant ignorant supporters of the war criminals, we must turn our attention to the courage, initiative and plain raw cunning and intelligence shown by the protesters. Thanks New Zealand!! You regain pride for humanity by your brave actions!! Next time maybe the psychobitch will not be as lucky and we can make the world safer for democracy by placing her in jail or under it…







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