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I’ve read a lot about the “end of the Mayan Calender”, and it’s supposed importance. Apparently what’s meant to happen is a bunch of aliens will come down here and wipe us all out, if we don’t do it ourselves first. I’ve read other theories too, like the one that says a multi national conglomerate of ‘shadowmen’ is conspiring to kill us all by initiating WW3, leaving just a small proportion of the population left, the bad guys, who will, through some miracle of medical science, live forever.

Now I have a couple of questions. Why would any of these people want to do this, and should I be scared? I mean sometimes it’s hard enough to focus on day to day issues, without having to worry about when the worlds going to end. Could it be said that perhaps there really is nothing to worry about? Where is the evidence that an alien invasion is going to happen? How do you know that it’s not going to be like one of my favorite graphic novels(and soon to be film) ‘The Watchmen’, and that the “invasion” isn’t really orchestrated by man in order to fool us into supporting the militarization of space? Are we reading too much into this? If so then when should we start worrying?

There’s just too many questions is what I guess is the point of this blog. I read another blog about this 2012 end of the world theory and I can firmly say that it sounds a lot like the X Files back story where the Aliens have been planning to take over earth all along. I like to go with Dr Greer from the Disclosure Projects point of view, that the Aliens are not the real enemy, we are.

So the end of the world could be coming in 2012, but I remain as yet, unconvinced. Sure I read up on all the conspiracy theories but without more concrete evidence I just don’t wanna believe it. I believe in UFO’s and a whole lot of other stuff too, but the end of the world, a predestined date? Who really wants to believe that, if you really bought it then you might as well forget about any future plans you may have had, cause they’re all f**ked!! I don’t think that’s the answer, and I’d like to believe that I have some control over my life, and that it wasn’t all pre-written thousands of years ago by the Mayans. It’s a choice, believe or don’t, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start living your life like 2012 is where it all ends. Cause if it is, then at least you’ll have no regrets.



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