The Montauk Monster and Christians!

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Oh my god, it’s more news on THE MONTAUK MONSTER!!! There’s new photo’s (of the same critter??) and more speculation. Hey it makes for an interesting read, but in the end that’s all it is so far, speculation. I think it’s a real monster and fuck me stupid and call me a moron if it’s a fake! I choose to believe in these things, does that make me stupid? No stupider than the average Christian, haha!!! And at least I don’t touch children(did I just say that, a little on the nose don’t you think?).
In the end it’ll probably be aliens who come down to save us from ourselves, not Jesus. Actually I saw a movie yesterday called ‘The Mist’, and there;s this character whos a crazy fanatical christian who you just hate so much. Anyways, she manages to rile up all the simple minded peoples against the main character and his friends, and they’re about to get lynched when she get shot in the head. I almost jumped off the couch screaming ‘YEAH BITCH, WHERE”S YOUR MESIAH NOW!!!’.

I don’t hate Christians, I just don’t like being told I’m going to hell for living my life the way I want to. Amen and a halleluyah to that brother!!!

Now for that monster!!!

The Montauk Monster has created an Internet sensation. It is today’s #1 Yahoo search. It’s been on Cryptomundo, Boing Boing, and The Anomalist for days. It reminds me of the “Maine Mutant.” Sometimes these kinds of things have a life of their own, so to speak, especially if there is a compelling image.

Now we are seeing everyone under the sun piggyback (pun-intended) on the Montauk Monster. That’s okay. We’ve been here before. It is a cryptid, an unknown animal, until it is identified, of course, and that makes for a great story for the mainstream media, when they have a photo or even a few.

Of course, Cryptomundo carried news of this as soon as we heard about it three days ago, and, no doubt, contributed to spreading the news. Then we became positively involved through commenting on the Venom search for the “monster.”

The response has been generally good-humored and filled with crypto-intrigue regarding the fact Dr. Pepper/Snapple’s Venom Energy Drink would offer a bounty for the live capture of the Montauk

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