Rant: Aussies Against the Alcohol Tax Increase (AATATI)

Tax sux doesn’t it? I know that it pays for stuff like hospitals, roads, buses etc etc, but still…do we really need another tax hike. I’m from NZ, and that means I’m entitled to the benefit over here unless I become a resident or some such thing. So that means I’m paying tax but when or if I ever need some help from the government, I can’t get it. Thank god I can’t vote.

So now the taxes are being put up again according to last nights budget, and apparently they’re planning to put more tax on alcohol. Alcohol is expensive enough as it is, and if it’s going to cost even more to go out for a drink in a pub, bar, whatever, then I’ll just stay home and drink there thanks.

Here’s a group that is vehemantly opposed to this latest tax hike and if you are pissed off about this then you should read it, and jump on board. It’s in your own best interests, I mean surely there are other ways to stop people binge drinking. Come on people really!!!

By the way, to get access to this link you have to have a Facebook account I think, and why wouldn’t you!


After all the taxes we pay on everything here in Aus the Government has come up with a cunning plan to stem binge drinking and its associated violence by taxing everyone some more for our beloved beverages. We work hard everyday to earn a pay cheque for which a fair amount is spent on tax, our morgage (costing us a fortune) and petrol. Most of which put some people to strain. Now after all this, most people want to sit down to a hard earned brew…why tax us some more on this liberty?

I got an idea for the government, stop allowing Pubs to make ridiculous amounts of cash by serving extremely intoxicated people and dont allow people to be beaten to the ground in front of their pubs, in some cases by their own bouncers.

Now if you agree with all this then join up!






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