About Azumuth

Azumuth is an alt. hardrock/metal band from Melbourne, Australia.  Our music is hard and heavy, punchy and catchy, dynamic and epic with lot’s of strings and piano, fast riffing guitars and soaring vocals.  We have been together since late 2007, and have released one cd, our self titled debut ‘Azumuth’.  Aidan Dickens is the founder and sole song writer behind Azumuth and is responsible for playing all the instruments (except drums) on the recordings as well as producing.  On stage Azumuth are Aidan Dickens on vocals and guitars,  Adam Reick on Keys and backing vocals.  We need a new drummer and bassist by the way!

Azumuth’s influences include Faith no more, Evanescence, Rammstein, Metallica and Queen.

Currently Aidan is finishing the recording of Azumuth’s as yet untitled second album, which will be released in June.

Please click on the links below and if you like what you hear then feel free to join our mailing list or better yet our street team on www.reverbnation.com/azumuth.




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