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Hey here’s a review of my first CD ‘Azumuth’, from Radioindy, check it out:


“Azumuth” by Azumuth (Hard Rock/Metal/Punk Artist from Australia)

“Azumuth” is the self-titled full-length debut from Australian hard rock/alt-metal band Azumuth. Azumuth is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Aidan Dickens, whose soaring vocals and vocal diversity fuel the entire album and well-complement the heavy backing arrangements. The great guitar and drum work and varying methods of creating ambience combined with Dickens’ diverse and all-out vocals sounds like a combination of Thursday, Thrice, System of a Down, and Faith No More. Dickens’ lyrics are intelligent and meaningful, the songs melodic, and the choruses extremely catchy and memorable, since Dickens never fails to let it all out on the choruses. “Azumuth” is well-produced, sounds polished, and is ready for alternative radio play. “Ends of the Earth” is a mood-setting track with a nice arrangement, great lyrics, and group vocals with an overall sound similar to Thursday. “Disarray” is a great System of a Down-esque track with heavy drums, heavier distortion, and quick lyrical delivery from Dickens. “Azumuth” is a great full-length debut from Aidan Dickens and Azumuth and is as worthy of breaking through to the mainstream as the groups that clearly influenced them. Fans of hard rock and alt-metal should definitely pick this one up.

-Chris & the Review Team


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