Black Eyed Kids: Another Look

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Here’s an awesome blog that although very speculative, is frightening none the less. If I saw one of these kids on my doorstep I’d probably shit my daks!


It’s early evening and you’re home alone. The doorbell rings, and you trot down the hall wondering who it could be.

You open the door and find two children standing on the stoop. They are strangers to you, both boys in their early teens, dressed normally in sneakers, jeans, and hoodies. You suddenly feel frightened for no discernible reason.

The taller – and presumably older – boy asks to use your telephone, and has a perfectly good explanation. He is well-mannered, polite, and speaks exceptionally well for a child his age. You’d be letting them in out of the cold .. if not for that fear.

Your mind seeks desperately for a good reason not to let them in, even as you ask yourself why you are afraid. After a few moments, you come up with a good lie and tell them your phone isn’t working, but you could bring them your cell phone to use …

The taller boy interrupts you and changes his tune. “Can we use your restroom?” he asks suddenly. “Please, it’s cold out here. We need to come IN and use your bathroom.”

His emphasis on the word IN inexplicably alarms you, and you only manage to shake your head and mumble something about your cell phone.

“We need to come IN,” says the taller boy again, and as he looks up into your face you suddenly notice that his eyes are all black. Not just black pupils, but solid black with no whites. It’s like looking into nothingness where his eyes should be. Your fear turns to terror, and although the boys have done nothing overtly threatening, you are suddenly, irrationally convinced that your life is in danger. “Please let us in,” the shorter boy speaks finally, and when he looks up at you, his eyes are black too.

“No!” you manage to choke out, surprised that you can say anything at all, and you slam the door in their faces and lock it. After a few minutes you regain your composure and fetch your cell phone. Reviewing the incident in your mind, you can’t understand the fear that overwhelmed you and you resolve to quit acting like an idiot. Cell phone in hand, you open the front door, but the boys are gone. You walk out to the street thinking they can’t have gone far, but there’s no sign of them anywhere.

You’ve just had an archetypal experience of Black-Eyed Kids, or BEKs. Most are boys, and most are reported to be in their early to mid teens, dressed normally and unremarkable except for their adult speech and black eyes. They always ask to get IN – into the car, into the house, into wherever you are, and they often get increasingly insistent and demanding when it seems that they are going to be denied entry. And they are always accompanied by fear, a fear so strong that witnesses describe it as dread or terror and say that they felt that their very lives were in danger.

Of all the people who have reported seeing BEKs, only one actually let them in – to use the phone – and he subsequently retreated in terror to another room and locked himself in. Sometime later, he says, he dared to open the door. Finding the area vacant, he ran for the back door and went to a friend’s house. When he returned to his house with the friend, it was empty.

What do BEKs want? We don’t know. No one has come forward to tell a story of letting them in and letting them do what they wanted to. We don’t know if this is because it hasn’t happened, or because anyone who let them in isn’t around to tell the tale.

I think we can safely hypothesize that BEKs aren’t really children; although there are a few diseases that can turn a human’s eyes black and black contacts exist, neither explains the terror that is felt in the presence of these “children” even before the black eyes are noticed.

I suspect that BEKs appear as children because they want to be trusted; they attempt to appeal to human compassion and the natural desire to help a child. The average person is much more likely to let a strange child into their house than a strange adult. If we theorize that BEKs appear as children because they want to appear as children, we must then ask ourselves: why the black eyes? why the fear? Both seem counterproductive to the goal of the targeted person letting them in.

I have a theory; a hypothesis, and although I am going out on the proverbial limb here, I hope that you will stay with me and that it will make sense when I am done.

BEKs have a common feature with another entity that is often reported in the modern world: “grey” aliens. There is little difference between the large black eyes of the typical grey and the eyes of a BEK; some witnesses of BEKs also note that their eyes seem to be “too big” as well as being all-black. Greys are usually reported as being 4 – 5 feet tall, or about the same size as a young boy.

Suppose that the entities we see as Greys or BEKs are actually among us more often than we would like to think, in the guise of ordinary children. Many abductees of greys have stated that greys are telepathic, can project images into the human mind, and/or seem to be able to control a person’s mind and body. If they can control our minds, perhaps we see what they want us to see when we look at them. No one pays much attention to an adolescent – especially a boy – loitering on the street, in a park, or in a playground. What better guise for hiding in plain sight?

Suppose that encounters with BEKs – and Greys – are what happen when the mind control fails, or when they drop the disguise because it is no longer needed. Suppose the fear can be felt only when the mind control isn’t working, and this is why BEKs become agitated and demanding when it appears that you aren’t accepting them for what they appear to be – they know something is wrong, and try harder.

In spite of witness reports of feeling that their lives are in danger, the purpose of BEK encounters may be something less nefarious than exterminating the target. Perhaps they need to see the inside of the house to get a visual referent for some form of teleportation, or perhaps they need to plant some type of receiver inside the house in order to gain access later. If this is the case, there may be people who have let children into their houses to use the phone, or the bathroom, or get a drink of water, who never realized that their guests weren’t ordinary children. I wish that I could ask abductees if they had recently let any children they didn’t know into their house. Abductees often state that the Greys just “appear” in their bedroom, or in their house, and lack of an obvious means of entrance is one of the things that often makes these experiences difficult to believe.

The startling black eyes and the feeling of terror make no sense if they are viewed as being deliberate, but if considered as being accidental, and what happens when the encounter isn’t going as planned, they make more sense. Perhaps the eyes are the most difficult part of the entity to mask; don’t we say that our eyes are the “windows to our soul?” When the mind control is ineffective, the witness begins to feel terror and see through the disguise; the black eyes convince him that something is terribly wrong and, whatever the intended purpose of the encounter was, it fails.


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