Music and the Publishing Industry.

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Music and the publishing industry

Been a couple of days since I posted something, I purchased a copy of Bob Baker’s ebook, ‘Guerilla Music Marketing tips’, which I’ve been reading intently in the leadup to release of my latest single.

Man it’s so interesting to think about how we were all taught to think in a certain way by the mass media. In particular the record companies, who’s campaigns to sell us the latest big star or whatever, lead to a very insular way of thinking about music, i.e. if a band isn’t signed, then they must not be good enough. I must admit, I’m a little guitly of this myself. Everytime I open up the Itunes store I just end up looking at the same label artists that I love, like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Megadeth etc etc. I’m getting better though and am starting to pay attention to more indy music like my own, it’s just I’ve been brainwashed by the big wigs for so long, sometimes it’s hard to think outside the square.

We’ll get there eventually. I wander if whats happening to the music industry, will ever happen to the book publishing industry? I mean think about it, you can publish whole books online, is that not just as credible as getting published by some big publishing house. I’m not an author but I know someone who is…

And some of the shit they publish nowadays, yeesh!!


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