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Hey howdy, it’s great to be back and blogging.  I’ve been away for a week moving house, which was extremely tiring.  In fact it was extremely stressful, as anyone who knows me knows that I’m very impulse, an impulse driven individual in fact.  This influences everything I do and the home moving was no different. I made the decision to move on thurs afternoon and organised the move for that weekend, roping in 2 friends to help out.  What great mates I’ve got!!! 

Anyways, so instead of a week or whatever to get it all organised we had to to do it in a day.  We did however manage to make it through and finally got it all sorted.  Now we are finally settling into our new home and I can finally get back to the business of making music.  Which reminds me, the Band!!!  

I love making music, isn’t it funny though, how different the worlds that musicians inhabit are from those of people who aren’t musicians.  I mean I can’t imagine a world without music inhabiting vast majorities of my time, and understanding the rudimentaries of music is just something I take for granted.  And yet I can’t do my own tax return, isn’t that amazing.  For some people, doing maths is second nature.  They might not understand music at all but they sure can plug advanced calculus.   I always find this really fascinating.    I had an acting teacher once who loved to meet everyday people with everyday, boring jobs.  he found it fascinating to find out what they did because he worked with actors all day long.  i guess it’s the same for me, all my friends are musicians, and I always find it really interesting to talk to people who don’t know about music.   There’s a thought for the day.




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