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God I hate computers sometimes, they can be a musicians best and worst friend. I bought a brand new Acer note book from a notebook store and about a week later the webcam stops working and so do the USB ports. You can imagine how annoying this is, I couldn’t update my Ipod! So I sent it off to Acer to get fixed under warranty, and they send it back 3 MONTHS later, with the same problems. So then I get a lone machine off the notebook store while I send the original one back to Acer, who have now reported that computer is unfixable and is going to be replaced. HURRAY!!! Here’s the part that pisses me off the most, the lone computer from the notebook store crashes, several times until it just won’t start up anymore. So now I’ve had to reset it to factory settings, losing all the albums I downloaded off Itunes. GREAT!! Lucky they were all on my Ipod, but still. I can’t listen to em on my computer, and that sux! I’m just bitching I know, I’m still alive and healthy so I got that goin on, but if still, if I had been recording any demos which I was about to start doing, I would have been pissed!


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