CCP Eliminates all Pests!

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Once again a mass slaughter of animals has been ordered in China. In addition to the human sacrifice due to forced labor, forced evictions, detention without trail and an increase in the repression of human rights which are taking place in order to present a happy and orderly façade to the world for the Olympics, cats are being killed as they have been deemed an impediment to a smooth Olympics!

The new ridiculous objective of the Chinese authorities is harmless felines. Their crime? Prowling the streets of Beijing during the Olympic preparations.

Why cats? – you may ask. They exist without express CCP authorization and embarrass the regime.

The number of these enemies of the people is about 200.000. Their existence compromises the exemplary image of efficiency and cleanliness that the regime has decided to project to the world in the occasion of the Olympic Games. This extermination plan dictates the deportation of the unlucky felines to filthy centers in Changping, outside Beijing. Then they are suppressed. These accusations were made by an animal protection association of Beijing, the “Capital Animal Welfare Association.” It has lead to inspections, performed in order to ascertain the true living conditions of the cats, crammed into cages which are almost as small as the cats themselves.

What was really surprising about this entire fact is that it even reached the Western media, and that the members of this animal rights association have not suffered the same fate as the cats, which would be the standard operating procedure of the Chinese Communist regime – round up those considered to be “problems” to the regime, get rid of them, dispose of their bodies. Obviously all proposals formulated by the association in order to implement an alternative solution for the animals have been ignored, and the consequences that this elimination will unavoidably cause will be a proliferation of rats, which will then cause an even greater problem for the city.

Evidently the Chinese authorities unable to think of two things at the same time, probably because their brain circuits have been subjected to 60 years of Communist indoctrination. A similar event occurred in 2004, when the dogs and cats of Canton were exterminated, as they were considered vehicles of Sars. They were killed with blows to the head, while no one from the government explained to the Chinese population that perhaps certain eating habits (such as eating dogs, badgers, and raw monkey brains) may be more likely causes of serious damage to the immune system than Sars.

If we go further back in time, of course we have Mao Zedong’s disastrous 1957 campaign against the so-called “four pests campaign,” specifically rats, mosquito, flies and… sparrows, which caused the locust population to increase, which significantly worsened the famine caused by the Great Leap Forward.

But it seems that learning from own’s mistakes is something unknown to the Chinese communist apparatus.

Later, during the Cultural Revolution, Mao declared a campaign against rats. A ransom was given to those who brought dead rats to the local authorities. The incredibly successful results of the campaign caused party functionaries to suspect that something was not quite right. They discovered that many peasants were breeding rats, then killing them and taking them to the local functionaries in order to receive the ransom. The campaign was then suspended, and some peasants were executed as traitors.

The failure of the campaign was accompanied by an ironic detail: “Mao” in Chinese, among its many meanings, means “cat”: a cat unable to resolve the problem of rats.

The Solution: Boycott the Olympics – Boycott Chinese products


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