New Music Tips No. 7

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More tips from the Derek Sivers book of how to sell your music.  I think the first one is brilliant, make up your own genre of music defined by how you see yourself.  So it’s metal and country blended together, it must be Mountry!!!   Or how bout Countel?  Well ya can’t say I didn’t try.

If you target sharp enough, you will own your niche

Let’s say you’ve decided that your style of music should be proudly called “powerpop”.
If you say, “We’re powerpop!” in the very first sentence or paragraph all of your marketing.
If your email address is “”
If your album title is “Powerpop Drip and Drop”
If the license plate on your band van is “POWRPOP”
Well then… when someone comes into my record store and says they like powerpop, guess who
I’m going to tell them to buy?
Have the confidence to find your niche, define who you are, then declare it again
and again and again and again.
If you do it persistently enough, you will OWN that niche. People will not be able to imagine that
niche without you.
(You can try to make your own, if you’re brave. You might be “the best techno-opera artist in the

Bad Targeting Example: progressive rocker targeting teenybopper.
On CD Baby, there is a great musician who made an amazing heavy-progressive-metal record.
When we had a “search keywords” section, asking for three artists he sounds like, he wrote, “britney
spears, ricky martin, jennifer lopez, backstreet boys, mp3, sex, free”
What the hell was he thinking? He just wanted to turn up in people’s search engines, at any cost.
But for what? And who?
Did he really want a Britney Spears fan to get “tricked” into finding his dark-progressive-metal
record? Would that 13-year-old girl actually spend the 25 minutes to download his 10 minute
epic, “Confusing Mysteries of Hell”? If she did, would she buy his CD?
I suggested he instead have the confidence to target the REAL fans of his music.
He put three semi-obscure progressive artists into his search engine description instead, and
guess what?
He’s selling more CDs than ever! He found his true fans.


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