New Music Tips no 6.

June 6, 2008 at 8:04 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

Well don’t you just know it, another tip from the mind of Mr Sivers, and you thought it wasn’t possible to make it as a musician. For shame!!!

Proudly exclude some people

Proudly say what you’re NOT: “If you like Celine Dion, you’ll hate us.” …and people who hateCeline Dion will love you, or at least give you a chance.You can’t please everyone in this world. Recklessly exclude people.Almost like you’re the doorman at an exclusive club that plays only your music. Maybe youwouldn’t let in anyone wearing a suit. Maybe you wouldn’t let in anyone without a suit!But know who you are, and have the confidence that somewhere out there, there’s alittle niche of people that would like your kind of music. They may only be 1% of thepopulation. But 1% of the world is 65 million people!Loudly leave out 99% of the world. When someone in your target 1% hears you excluding the partof the population they already feel alienated from, they’ll be drawn to you.Write down a list of artists who you don’t like, and whose fans probably wouldn’t like you. Use that.

The Most Expensive Vodka

There is a vodka company that advertises itself as The Most Expensive Vodka You Can Buy.
I’ll bet they’re very successful with it. It’s almost a dare. (And it proudly excludes people!)
Other companies are all trying to find ways to be the cheapest, and someone had the guts to
decide that they were going to do exactly the opposite of everyone else.
There are some people who read the Billboard charts, and try to imitate the current trends and
I suggest, even as an experiment, strongly declaring that you are something totally UN-trendy –
the opposite from what everyone else wants or is trying to be.
Perhaps you could advertise your live show as, “The most boring concert you’ll ever see.”
Perhaps you want to call your music, “The most un-catchy, difficult to remember, un-danceable
music you’ve ever heard.”
Or tell the music industry, “This music has no hit potential whatsoever.”
I’ll bet you get their attention.
It’s almost a dare.


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