A New Era.

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According to Bob Lefsetz, the old ways of going about things in the music industry are gone. So welcome to the new era. According to Bob, the glory days of being signed to a record company, making records and doing sell out tours are over. Record companies apparently don’t know how to break new acts any more, is this a generalization? I think maybe it is. I see big acts are still touring and selling CD’s. Cog, a band that I like, released their second album just recently and it shot to number 2 on the charts here in Australia. No ones telling them that CD’s don’t sell I’m sure.

New albums are being released all the time and here in Melbourne gigs are happening all the time. So maybe things are looking a little worse for wear but there’s still music out there, even if CD sales are dropping.

Apparently radio is dying as well. Do you listen to the radio? do any of your friends? When was the last time you heard the latest pop hit besides being at work and having it on? I don’t even know what’s on the radio since I don’t work in a kitchen anymore. So if radio and CD sales are dying, does that mean you can’t be a musician and dream of making it big? Hell no.

It just means that if your an up and coming musician, with a demo in hand, then record companies and the radio aren’t the way to go. Then what is?

This is the question that’s foremost on a lot of musicians minds? Where do we go from here. If you’ve written something that you honestly think is good, then don’t you think it deserves to be heard. You could try myspace, or facebook. There’s a million websites on the internet that can help you get your music out there, like LastFm, Reverbnation and Ilike. Then gig, get out there and play your heart out, give it everything you’ve got. The music industry may be floudering but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a musician. Look up useful resources like lefsetz.com or kurb.co.nz and do your homework if you want to start making some money of of it. All it takes is a little innovative thinking.




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