Eight Foot Sativa

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I just had to post something about these guys, they’re one of New Zealand’s top metal
exports, and have become a household name with bogans everywhere. They’re from Auckland and rose to national fame when I was still in NZ. I still have their second album ‘Season for Assault’, which is awesome. They’ve just recently released their new album ‘Poison of Ages’, which has received a lot positive reviews. I still like the vocalist on ‘Season for Assault’ best but the new guys ok. Check em out if you haven’t already.


New Zealand’s premier metal band 8 Foot Sativa have risen from the Wild West of Auckland becoming a household name and creating Metal history in New Zealand. The huge success of their three previous albums, national tours, break- through chart positions and exposure in the main stream media has never before been seen in this country by a Heavy Metal band.

As all 8 Foot Sativa fans are aware, the band have endured many line-up changes and obstacles over the years and yet always come out on top. With the current line-up they’re leaner and hungrier than ever. Industry and band politics will always take a back seat to what is central to the 8 Foot credo; making kick-ass music.

In 2002 the bands debut album Hate Made Me achieved Gold status in New Zealand, putting 8 Foot Sativa at the top of the food chain straight out of the gate. 2003’s Season For Assault garnered five star reviews, entered the album charts at number 6, and made it to number 1 on the independent charts, a first for a Metal band in New Zealand. In 2005 8 Foot released their third album, Breed The Pain, recorded in Sweden with Studio Underground’s Pelle Saether (Carnal Forge, Fleshcrawl). The band so enjoyed the dynamic with the veteran producer/engineer that he was brought on board for album number four ‘Poison of Ages’.

Poison of Ages is a modern thrash album that maintains the well-known 8 Foot sound. It is a guitar driven album, filled with hooks and typically memorable riffs with an eclectic sense of melody, breakneck percussion and impassioned, tortured vocals. Poison of Ages addresses the myriad flaws of mankind that will lead to our downfall.

Released on the bands own label, Poison of Ages is a declaration of intent. They will remain a stalwart of NZ Metal as long as there is breath to express their energy and anger.




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