Are uncontrolled animals an issue?

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I got bitten by a dog a couple of weeks back. I didn’t do anything to provoke the attack and I certainly did nothing in retaliation. Should uncontrolled animals be held responsible for the actions of their owners? The dog that attacked me was left in someone else’s care while they were working. It was left in the backyard of the persons work who was looking it, and the neighbors had apparently been berating the dog because it howled to be let in. So then I show up, the neighbor who’d been berating it was standing behind me and it bites me.

So was the dog to blame?

Uncontrolled animals are a problem, it’s true. Today a friend has told me that his beloved cat was killed by a dog down the road. Should the dog be blamed, or the owner? Should my friend be blamed? Maybe he should have kept his cat inside. I think it’s too harsh to have a dog put down for biting someone, and should only be considered in extreme cases. I was told after I was bitten that by rights I could have had the dog put down, but I couldn’t live with myself if that were the case. I don’t think the dog is responsible for it’s actions, I think in most cases the owner is. Animals can bear terrible burdens for their masters irresponsibility and having to be put down shouldn’t be one of them.

I am deeply sorry for my friend’s loss today at the hands of an unrestrained dog but I don’t think the dog’s responsible. I think owners should take more responsibility for their animals, it’s that simple. I’m a pet owner and I take responsibility for my cats by making sure that they don’t wander the streets. The dog that bit me was unrestrained. The cat that died today was wandering the streets and the dog that killed it was also unrestrained. When are we going to learn? If you buy a pet, please look after it! They don’t deserve to suffer because of our negligence.



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