Welcome to the Machine!

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Here’s an article on how they catch those naughty people who download music for free:


Those naughty, naughty people, they deserve a smack on the hand for sharing music, think of the poor record companies, they might lose a little of the tight fisted grip they have on our musical consumerism. Oh the poor dears, just think, if people download music for free, then that means they’ll not make as much money. Eventually they’ll go out of business, and we couldn’t have that could we!!! I mean, if we didn’t have the record companies to tell us what to buy, then we might have to figure it out all on our little selves…We’d have nobody to tell us what’s cool and what’s not. How would we know about the next Celine Dion or P Diddy CD? We wouldn’t, and that’s scary!!!

Lucky for us we have the man, who works for the big four record companies and who can crack down on those naughty, naughty people and arrest them for sharing. Sharing is wrong, didn’t they ever teach these naughty people that in kindergarten?

Forget the fact that music was always a performance art form and that it was only since it could be recorded that record companies put an exorbitant price on it and ripped off the musicians themselves. Forget the artists themselves who get treated like cogs in the machine, told to churn out radio friendly crap for the masses at the expense of their own artistic expression. Forget Kurt Cobain, he was just a waster! And forget Pink Floyd, in particular Roger Waters and songs like ‘Have a Cigar’, and ‘Welcome to the Machine’. Forget the fact that there’s millions of artists out there, all trying to find an audience, a large majority of them with really good music that doesn’t need to be processed and refined by a record company. No no no, I just need to turn off my brain, turn on the latest
50 Cent CD and pretend to be cool. I’m pretty fly for a white guy!

Forget about expression, I just wanna know what’s cool man, somebody please tell me, I don’t know how to think for myself anymore. Oh god!





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