Rant 2: Guitar Queer-O

May 15, 2008 at 6:32 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

Hey who likes Southpark? Don’t you just love it how they completely take the piss out of anything to do with popular culture?? And even stuff that’s not pop culture, it’s so f**ken funny!!! I watched an episode the other night where they took the mickey out of that retarded game ‘Guitar Hero’, and boy did they nail it on the nose! The episode was called ‘Guitar Queer O’ and rightly so, for it parodies the Guitar Hero games by showing the the kids who play becoming rock stars just by getting a high score.

To me this is funny because I’ve never really liked any of these sorts of games. I like games like GTA 3, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Resident Evil. I know there’s a big market for this sort of shit but I think it’s f**ken lame, cause I find it much more fun to actually play an instrument rather than play a game which makes it seem so easy. There’s nothing more fun than actually getting up on stage and playing a show to a receptive audience. And this means learning to play an instrument(the voice is an instrument too), which takes time and patience. Playing the drums is more fun than any video game I can think of!

I had a friend who played the DJ game at the arcade a lot, and the drum game as well, and man did I get bored watching him play. There not very fun games to watch.

Hey maybe they’ll have a new game where you can put the guitar, bass, drums and someone who can’t sing together on miniature stage and call it ‘Band hero’. It’d take up the whole freakin’ arcade, and would be really f**ken lame!!!

The dumbing down of society has been happening for along f**ken time, and this is just another sign of people becoming lazy, both physically and mentally. It’s like watching one of those freakin’ reality shows where they get a bunch of people with no discernible talent or skill, and shove them on TV so people can laugh at how ridiculous they are. I mean come on people, let’s raise the bar for ourselves a little huh!!! When I hear bands like Cog, Machinehead and Megadeth writing songs about
how we’re being kept stupid and ignorant so nobody will notice our civil liberties gradually being taken away from us until we really are slaves, and that we should be doing something about it, I sometimes wander if we’re worth saving in the first place. It’s so much easier to pick up that fake guitar with the six or eight buttons instead of 24 frets and an endless array of notes and chords, and pretend to be a rockstar. Perhaps it’s a lot easier than actually being a freakin’ rockstar, which does actually take some talent and skill. I wander what Bill Hicks would make of all this, I’m sure he’d be a lot more scathing than I am, you should consider yourselves lucky!

Though in retrospect, if one of my songs got chosen to be on that game, I’d probably be pretty stoked, does that make me a hypocrite? The ‘Grim Reaper guitarist’ on Guitar Hero 2 is pretty cool too. Oh well, *sigh*!





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