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This disgusts me, I cannot believe they still do this shit, it is wrong and I for one think we need to make more people aware of what’s going on so we can put a stop to it. Can you believe this shit? They say they are going to be increasing their quota by 50 whales a year. I’m so outraged i’m seeing red here, Whales are beautiful creatures and SHOULD be left alone to live in peace. Didn’t they ever see Star Trek 4???

Anyways here’s something I found about Whaling, please read it and please take some action, do whatever you can and/or feel capable of.


This group is aimed at the ICR & Japanese Government. It is a forum for people of our world to share their concerns about Japanese whaling.

We hope it will help exert regional pressure on Japan to cease its illegal whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Please don’t join to turn it into a racial battleground.

Japan is singled out as it is the only country to have breached the:

– United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea,

– United Nations Charter on Nature,

– The Antarctic Treaty System,

– The Convention on International Trade in Endangered
Species (CITES) and

– The International Convention on the Regulation of

Lastly, Japan is also the ONLY country doing it under the pathetic lies of “Scientific Research”.

They are also the ONLY country not doing it in their own territorial waters… infact they have Ignored repeated pleas from Australian & New Zealander’s to halt the whale slaughter within their Economic Exclusion Zones.


Japan kills more than 1,000 whales a year in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary near Antarctica using a loophole in the international moratorium for a ban on whaling that allows catching whales for so called “research” purposes.

This year Japan is planning on expanding the catch to include 50 humpback whales, which are considered “endangered” in some regions of the world. The Japanese expedition also plans to kill 50 endangered fin whales – the world’s second largest animal after blue whales – as well as 935 smaller minke whales.

These waters are within the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone. The Australian Federal Court ruled on January 15 2008 that the Japanese whaling is illegal and should be stopped.,23599,23056156-2,00.html

Don’t buy the argument that Japan’s motivation to continue whaling is about maintaining their culture or conducting scientific research as they claim….

Today, whale meat is hardly a popular food in Japan with roughly only 1% of the population eating it (Japan Today Newspaper). Running boats into the Southern ocean each year is costly and inefficient work for the Japanese for little financial gain.

As for the science argument, scientists globally have affirmed over and over again that any research could be, and in fact is, conducted without actually hacking these remarkable creatures to death in our oceans….

Basically every Pro-Whaling argument that has been put forward thus far has been refuted with facts, figures and scientific evidence.

The IWC, the body charged with governing whaling internationally, is a mess & needs an urgent Overhaul.

The IWC allocates equal voting power to all members, with decisions made on a three-quarters majority vote.

This ‘democratic’ nature of the Commission however has allowed Japan to buy the votes of weaker developing countries with aid packages and other financial incentives.

Even land locked developing countries such as Mongolia are joining the IWC & voting alongside Japan in favour of whaling. Japan has almost bought out enough votes in this way to overturn the Moratorium on Whaling, which would allow it to again conduct commercial whaling that once culled 90% of all whales!

Clearly we need to think outside the IWC to put a stop to this tragic and archaic practice.


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