The New Music Revolution.

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Trent Reznor is a Genius. I cannot praise the man enough for his literal embrace of what I would call, the ‘New Music Revolution’. By this I mean that he has vehemently embraced the ideas and concepts of sharing music, rather than making people pay for it, offering the consumer the choice of what they want and how they want it.

The ideas behind this are simple and I think we can all learn from it. Simply give away your music, because, a: you can’t stop people from sharing it anyway and b: it’s great promotion and will lead to more you getting more fans in the long run. Think about it, who’s going to pay money for music they haven’t heard and know nothing about? Nobody, that’s who. So you give some of it away for free, people like it, they come to the shows and buy the T-shirts etc etc.

Of course this is Trent Reznor we’re talking about, so his fans will buy whatever he releases anyway regardless of what it is. But with the ‘Ghosts’ release, he has set a precedent for what we should all be doing, he’s released something that is unconstrained by a record label – an album of electronic instrumental music that would not get played on any commercial radio station, and he’s set up 4 different ways of getting it. There’s the free download of the first album, the $5 download of all 4 albums, the $75 deluxe edition and the $300 ultra deluxe limited edition pack – which has now sold out.

But not all of us are Trent Reznor or Radiohead, so if we release new music it’s not going to be nearly as popular, these guys are the big dogs who have been around for ages and have a lot of fans. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be giving away some music for free. If you release a new album I wouldn’t expect you to give the whole thing away unless you wanted, but half the album, a few tracks maybe??? I would tend to follow Trent’s example, give away a free track or two, and have the extra stuff available for people to buy IF THEY WANT TOO. It’s that simple.

Trent’s just released a new album called ‘The Slip’, which he is giving away FOR FREE, on the NIN website.  No money asked, none taken, both ‘Ghosts’ and ‘The Slip’ have a ‘creative commons attribution-licence’ in the album credits, which basically means share and share alike. Trent even said on the NIN website “thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years – this one’s on me”.  Now how awesome is that!  Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside – if you’re a fan of course.

And by the way the album is AWESOME! And released, not even 2 months after the release of ‘Ghost’s’. Shows what you can do when you don’t have a record company telling you what you can and can’t do huh. Come on people, this is the new music revolution and people like Trent are at the head of the charge. The record labels are still trying to catch up, don’t let yourself fall into the same bracket.



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  1. contrapuntist said,

    There is no question that the music business is changing. It is a genuine act of appreciation to produce an album and offer for free, or to allow a fan to put a price on music. I still wonder how this will impact bands that are entering into the music world.

    It is awesome seeing the big music labels FINALLY being challenged. They have controlled the music scene for SO long.

    Greet post. Trent really does kick ass.

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