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Hey man I really like this band, I saw them at their gig in Melbourne and they were pretty cool. Did you know that the start of their song ‘Give me my life back’ was used on Big Brother just recently??? I don’t watch that show cause I hate it but a friend of mine told me. Cool huh? Anyways, read, go to their webiste, enjoy their music.


There’s no escaping the impression that this in-your-face powerhouse leaves in their wake. Having seductively hypnotized innocent audiences for the past 5 years, Sydney band Bitchslap are progressively re-creating a mania that’s been absent from the music scene for a long time.

Stating the very obvious, Sydney’s BITCHSLAP could be likened to say, L7 beating the Sex Pistols half to death with a steel metal fist. Heavy, crunchy, loud, fuzzed out guitar, big bass and drums, and brash eat-shit-and-die lyrics; their sound screams sweet hell with each filthy chord bursting with a very honest fury.

Jess Coram stands stage left snarling out her love-hate lyrics between gritted teeth and a whole bunch of passion. Bassist Liz Thomas passionately abuses her fret whilst sticksmith, Scott Bradbury grins maniacally, pounding the bejesus out of his kit.

Formed in Sydney “rock central” Newtown, the trio’s signature sound took them into the finals of the 2005 Hopetoun Hotels “Homebake Incentive”, and also earnt them an open invitation to return to the infamous home of The Beatles, ‘The Cavern’ following their mini-tour of the UK. In 2006, whilst taking a break to write new material, the band appeared and performed on TVS show “The Treatment”.

2007 has seen a huge turning point for the band, with three tracks from their recently recorded EP reaching Top 10 positions on the ‘Triple J Unearthed’ PUNK charts – “Give Me My Life Back” peaked at No.1, whilst “1234” and “Red Eyes” peaked at No.5 and 6 consecutively.

The Debut EP, recorded/mixed by Lachlan Mitchell (Nitocris, Unpaid Debt, One Dollar Short, Something with Numbers) and mastered at TurtleRock Studios, will be thrust upon the world when the opening track “Give Me My Life Back” gains worldwide web exposure as the first single to be released on the new digital label RiSH[E] – being launched by RiSH Records in September.

RiSH Records will release the Debut EP in March 2008, with Bitchslap doing an East Coast Tour March-April.
Bitchslap have supported some great acts in 2007! The Follow, Bertie Blackman & The Hard Ons!

“Aggressive as their name suggested, Bitchslap tore through a brutal and energetic set of punk rock mayhem. I would love to see what this band is doing in another yearthey were f**king good” Revolver Magazine (02)

“Jess and her crew are phenomenal. Every utterance their instruments make is as powerful as their performance. Bitchslap epitomise the phrase riot grrl” Brag Magazine (04)

“The material and its content is far from cheery and some might say it’s even a little melodramatic at times, but its heartfelt, the motivations and passions behind it are real and genuine. You may not sympathise, comprehend or understand the band or their aggravations, but if you’re in the same room as Bitchslap, you will certainly notice and hear them.” – Chris Chinchilla – Inpress (07)

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