The Emphatic Few

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This band sounds interesting, however they don’t have any tracks that I could listen to so it’s hard to tell. Have a read and make up your mind if you want to check them out:

THE EMPHATIC FEW is a band that offers a diverse potent mixture of musical delights, which once sampled leave the listener with a longing for more.

They are AUSTRALIAN NATIVES, found in the Victorian high land region, and do not respond well to being stared in the eye for any length of time. How ever, a tickle on the belly will render them entirely defenseless. MUSICALLY they describe themselves as being of the heavy/alternative variety. But this is a entirely scientific way of labeling this DARK, EXPRESSIVE, ENERGETIC, and slightly adorable creature.

If you mistakenly find yourself placed under the spell of their irresistible charms, DO NOT STRUGGLE! you will only find yourself more deeply immersed in their grip. The best advice is to let the music wash over you then apply a moderate but generous amount of alcohol to the victim, This will help ward off infection.

In all honesty the likelihood of you having the extreme pleasure of observing these wonderful creatures in their element is quite rare. But by keeping you eye on this website you can find dates and venues were common sightings occur.

Many animals were hurt in the production of this website, and for this we make no apology. Instead if your feeling strongly about the welfare of animals we encourage you to donate money or time to one of those tree hugging hippy foundations – but for now we leave you with the calling cry of The Emphatic Few a cry used in strange territorial disputes or quite common mating rituals. A calling cry which can be heard through out the land “LET’S HAVE IT LOUD!” and ye shall have it loud.


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