Heavy Metal Nation

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Hello, this Heavy metal Nation. These guys love metal and will do whatever they can to promote it, big it up and whatever. If you are in a metal band or love your metal and want to support the local scene then read, then check out the links and go to their site, they’re awesome!


Heavy Metal Nation is a website for reviews and interviews with bands that fit into the genres from rock to metal to punk, and every flavour in between.

We host interviews and reviews from anyone who submits one (although it needs to be coherent! “Canibal Corpse goooood” does not cut it!)

We’ll take reviews on anything released or performed by a band, from albums and singles, individual songs, concerts, DVDs, film clips, books by or about the band, and even merchandise if you feel the need.

if you manage to blag an interview with a band, but can’t find someone or somewhere to get it out there, then we are the place for you!

And if you are really opinionated, you can submit buying guides on the entire catalogue for a band you like (or hate!) so that new people to the band can get an idea of what they’ll be in for!

No submissions will be paid for, as this site ain’t about money – in fact, the webmaster pays for all of the costs of hosting etc out of his own pocket (although you will notice ebay adds on the site – hey, if faceless multinationals can help me fund the site, then so be it!)

So check it out now at http://www.heavymetalnation.com and submit your shit!

Heavy Metal Nation is now published monthly, instread of individual articles published haphazardly as they are ready.

To help promote the articles that are uploaded each month, I’ve decided there will be a “cover” each month.

Check it out, leave comments using the new comment system.





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