Radiant City

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Another great Melbourne band, Radiant City, who combine a number of different sounds and textures to create something truly unique. Check em out:

About radiant city:

radiant city’s debut EP is available now from JB Hi Fi and all good indie stores. Or you can order it online from: Red Eye Records

rumours and innuendo: “radiant city (the ep) sounds both intimate and huge. It showcases a band with an innate sense of dynamics and melody” (Mess & Noise) “…an aural atmosphere that ebbs and flows with climatic intensity.” (Beat) “…an atmospheric but often noisy affair that’s informed by NYC avant-garde guitar noodlings and a touch of jazz and warped blues.” (Rip It Up) “This is an absolutely amazing record… With only two members they have produced sounds that some bands with 3 or 4 members could only dream of producing…” (Tomatrax) “…a sonic cavalcade of strangely distressing beauty. A group in control of their craft…” (Sensis) “Cinematic. In the hands of Radiant City it means texture all at once while quietly meandering down an industrial back-alley (Thomas Mass) watching the hoodie-clad thug at the end of the next warehouse, then beating the crap out of him, stealing his cash, running off, finding the nearest pub, slapping a big wad down on the bar and saying ‘so, where are you from?’ (Trans-suburban) to the girl next to you, picking her up, waking up the next morning, making breakfast, settling down (Slow Point), relationship problems (Jack’s Idea of Cool) on your own again (The Machine), and then all over again (Epic). Sound like the best movie ever, right?” (Beat)

radiant city have had the pleasure to share stages with: Dinosaur Jr, Damo Suzuki, Love of Diagrams, Jakob, Gareth Liddiard (The Drones), Blacklevel Embassy, Agents of Abhorrence, Sounds Like Sunset, Schvendes, Ninety Nine, SubAudible Hum, The Tigers, Laura, All India Radio, Cam Butler (Silver Ray), Group Seizure, Rhythm Bell, The Black Hundred, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, This Is Your Captain Speaking, International Karate, The Instant, The Thaw, The Rational Academy and more.. Locales include Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Fremantle





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