Cut Throat Productions.

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Hey here’s a studio that I would thoroughly recommend, they do good, high quality recordings and can work within any budget limit, check em out:

Cut Throat Audio Productions is an independent recording studio based in North Melbourne. Already having recorded some of Melbournes best underground live acts, Cut Throat Audio Productions was set up with the aim to record and encourage Melbourne musicians at all levels.

Cut Throat Audio Productions can also cater for your live audio requirements. Sound Engineer Josh Grant: 0411 205 325

Bands who have utilized these services include: The Basics, Plug In City, From Hell, Moscow schoolboy, Kids In Cults, Bang Bang Bangs, Orsan Eskabar, Darkest Heartstrings, Cheese Excursion, The Styles, The Loveslaps, Russian Roulettes, The Subsequents, Starvation Army, Bitter Sweet Kicks, The Gun Runners, MDK, The Red Cherries, Black Lodge Sounds, Airborne, Dead Body Disposal, Dirty Pink Jeans, My Left Boot, Crazy Like A Fox, Victor Pender V7, Crackwhore, Anni Piper, Tijuana Souviners, Sforzando, The Chemists, The Mad Feeling, This War, The R.I.P Rides, The Go Set, The Watt Riot, Pomomofo, Catwalk Syndrome, Simon Imrei, Catgut Mary, Little Athletics, 13Tears, N4ncey H4zard, Hutt River Solution, The Sound Debate, Aural Window, Wolfman Jack, Sleeplever, The Ground Floor, Will Wagner, Kitto, Wonderland, 7th Circle, Jason Takes Manhattan, Cry Scarlet, Rain Dogs, Arkages, Hiroshima Is Burning, The Polites, Aurora, Straight 80, Le Shlonk, Zebras Can’t Be Tigers, Spider Vomit, Betty Mae, Fire Underground, Big City Exile, The Fault, Seven Sleepers and many more. Cut Throat Audio Productions has Supplied, setup and operated full PA systems for live events such as The Portable Film Festival, Is Not Magazine, Sydney Road Festival and many private parties.

Josh and James are not just Audio Engineers, but also have a long history as musicians, playing in Kimbo Slice, The Trainables, Starvation Army, Old School Overdrive and Blindfold.


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