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Now this is a local band that I really like, I don’t have anything to say that isn’t already said below so check em out!!


Metal just isn’t metal without pummelling riffs, intricate guitar duelling, point-locked harmonies and screamin’ solos. To top it all off, add growling vocals, trunk-rattling bass and double-kick drumming and you have all the makings of some very powerful, very addictive music.


What began in 2005 as a simple jam session in a studio apartment in the heart of Melbourne, thrashing out ol’ Metallica classics like Puppetz and One, soon turned into an all out race for metal greatness. Resident guitarists Ashish Kumar and Anannd Thambirajah, whilst keeping hydrated with copious amounts of ‘concentration juice’, went on to hammer out random riffs and record everything that resulted from the day. After many weeks, and a collection of fragmented riffs and excerpts, they began to stitch together what would become the head-bang inducing riffs you hear today.

After two years of writing, jamming and much procrastinating, the guitarists decided that the home recordings of guitars and machine drums needed a voice to complete the saga.

In early 2007, Daniel Mozumder, a.k.a. “Muzzi” joined the two-man project and finally gave BerserkerfoX the voice it needed. Laying down layer after layer of seething, growling vocals, the songs began to take on its final form. With lyrics touching on subjects like war, family dysfunction, inner turmoil and teenage angst, the songs reflect the band, the individual and the times.

Liam McRae, introduced to the band by Muzzi, brought with him a bass guitar, a ‘sponge-like’ talent to learn and an uncanny ability of creating aural backdrops of bass and subsonic rumble. Having the highest level of musical theory training in the band, he quickly found his niche in the group as the critical ear, pointing out what rocked and what flopped. His carefully crafted bass lines not only complemented the guitar tracks, but added more dimension and depth to the songs’ sonic landscape.

Rory O’Donnell, the working man, answered an advertisement placed on the MELBAND website. His ability to proficiently play a multitude of instruments makes him one of the most dynamic and musically involved members of the band. Such experience allowed him to masterfully forge crushing beats that completed the bottom end of the audible spectrum.

Since their lineup completion in June 2007, BerserkerfoX has had the privilege of playing at a number of venues in and around Melbourne; The Arthouse, Sectionate, Casablanca Tavern, The Barleycorn Hotel, Musicland and Switch alongside industry veterans the likes of Nothing, Augur, The Betrayed, Orchid Ablaze and Obsidieth.

There is also talks of a full-length album planned for release late 2008. Details to come as they surface.

With visceral twin guitar attack, rumbling precision bass playing, technical double-kick drumming and seething vocals, BerserkerfoX is set to keep the metal flame burning! Writing is already underway to pump out another 4 songs which aim to push the boundaries of what distinct forms music in this genre can take.

Keep checking our BLOG for regular updates, gig announcements and random banter. Also, please keep those comments coming!



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  1. Crushtor said,

    They’re metal as! \m/

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