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There’s nothing wrong with you, everythings fine. In fact, you might say you’re normal. If you wake up everday, get out of bed and wander aimlessly to the toilet, then the shower, then get dressed and have breakfast, you’re normal.
But is the world around you normal? you’d think that it was because when you look outside your window, it all seems the same, but here’s the thing, apparently it’s not!
You see, if you turn your TV, the world outside the world that you’re living in, looks a little f**ked! Famine, death, disease, poverty, war and Bush. All f**cked! But take another look out that window, the suns still shining, the birds are still singing, people are walking their dogs and things seem pretty normal.

So at what point do you start screaming? When’s the world going to end? Could be today, tomorrow, or in perhaps in 2012. Apparently it was supposed to end in 2000, remember that? The biggest practical joke ever staged, and we all fell for it. I was laughing.
But who knows, maybe it’s not so normal out there after all. Turn on your computer, surf the internet, there’s a million sites out there all protesting the various wrongs with the world at large, I read and support alot of them, I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong.
But at what point does it start to become to less about you and more about whats going on outside. According to H.P. Lovecraft, our place in the endless chaos of the universe is one of insignifigance; that the realms outside of this tiny planet are indifferent to our petty causes and tiresome reasoning.
Was he right? That realization alone was enough to send many of his characters over the cliff into sheer terror and eventual madness.

So have another look out the window, it’s a nice day.

You probably are normal, whatever our definitions of normailty are. The world outside though, is it so normal? should we even care? should we suppose that lovecraft was right? That would make our existence meaningless, and so all the struggles of the world seem like ashes in the wind.

It’d be pretty ironic, the biggest practical joke ever. I’d be laughing.


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