Is it still plausible to have Rock and Roll dreams?

April 29, 2008 at 6:53 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , , )

So have you heard? The music industry’s going to the dogs apparently, is this good news? Depends which way you look at it I guess…

I’ve always laboured under the premise that a record company was a good thing, an entity that we lowly musos would strive to get our music heard by so that we could attain a hallowed ‘record deal’ and conquer the world. Now it seems that isn’t so important any more.
By all accounts the ‘record labels’ (perhaps loanshark or megalithic corporate entity is a better term) are a few years behind the rest of the world and are only now trying to catch up. They do this, so I hear, by trying to stop illegal downloads and peer to peer sharing or copyright music (good luck!). Alas and alak, it’s too late, people download music and share it alot, it’s almost come to be expected these days, so whadda ya do? Sit back and watch??

And where of course does that leave us, the musicians? Whose going to pay for our recording fees, which as most musos know, can be very expensive, especially if you want to do it properly, have it sound REALLY good, and have it played on radio and taken seriously. Now I’ve heard some say that you can do a decent recording in your bedroom with the right software, equipment and a little knowhow. Bullshit!

I’ve done recordings this way and what did they get on’s review system? Nearly everyone commented on the production, a common comment was ‘spend some more money on it’ or ‘ take it to a professional studio’ blah blah blah. So is a good song still a good song without a thousand bucks spent on it? Apparently not according to alot of people.

So who’s going to pay for the expensive recording, the promo (I’ve quoted 16 grand for it before), the video’s (apparently this can be done on a shoestring these days and it’s not such a big issue, still…) and of course the touring??? With todays petrol prices that seems even more far fetched then ever.

Hey, maybe I’m being a little too pessimistic, maybe you could just go get a loan from somewhere for all this, all I’m saying is yes there is a new era upon us all, but rock super stardom on a shoestring budget? I remain as yet, unconvinced. Any thoughts??


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