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Visionary first merged together around 12mths ago after meeting to discover they shared similar ideas and “visions” as to what was needed in order to achieve personal satisfaction in their own musical career and found that working together only strengthened these thoughts. A varied age group also strengthened their ranks , not hindering creativity and seeing eye to eye as musicians was , to them , the ultimate result. Influenced by everything from 70s epic rock to movie soundtracks but mainly European power metal , Visionary like to think they have created something “a little different” for themselves and anyone who may enjoy it with them. They are hoping to emulate what talented local metal bands like Black Majesty….Vanishing Point and Eyefear have achieved…. gathering a strong following…recording…..touring but more importantly providing Melbourne with such a glorious reason to be proud of our undying melodic metal scene as all eyes of the world seem to be looking this way as we speak. Having secured the services of an incredible vocalist and creative lead guitarist we are now ready to assemble/record our first album as well as putting together our live act……see you on the road……Robb 



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