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Amy Racecar have been making friends and music with the New Zealand public since early 2002. Picking up, dropping and firing many members through various line-ups over the years, Amy Racecar are now down to a core trio of fellas that outplayed and outlasted all the rest. Comprised of young go-getters, Karl Smith – Bass, Ben Thomson – Drums, Matthew Emery – Voice and Keys, Amy Racecar have now refined their sound from their heady days of chewing through 52 genres in 52 seconds into a new exciting positive form of inspirational song. With the release of their debut album ‘Conclusions’ in early 2007 Amy Racecar promptly moved over the ditch to lovely Melbourne in Australia and are having a swell time making love and performing music in that great big water forsaken country.

‘Acerbic modern rock seen on current stages as well as unparalleled oddities.’ – Real Groove Magazine

‘The peculiar beast that is Amy Racecar is sure to root the listener to the spot, whether it is from the ecstasy of musical carnage or horror at the toppling of pop idols.’ – Rip It Up Magazine

‘Perfect music for that slumber party with 50 year old men having pillow fights!’ –

‘…sounds like putting Head Like a Hole and The Brunettes in a blender and coming up with a completely new band that sometimes flirts with the current rock fascination for new wave and sometimes sounds like a cocktail of hallucinogens via the pop medium.’ – Adrian Osman – Real Groove Magazine  


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