Bear Baiting is wrong!

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Help end the cruel ‘sport’ of bear baiting

A terrified and traumatised bear is dragged into a ring by a rope that has been crudely forced through her highly sensitive muzzle with a needle. Filled with fear, she knows what is about to happen to her but, tied to a post in the ground, all she can do is struggle and cry out in pain.

Suddenly a pair of dogs are set upon her, attacking her face and snout. Desperate to stop the pain she opens her mouth to bite and swipes at the dogs with her paws, all in vain.

Her teeth have been removed and her claws blunted – so her attempts to defend herself are useless. Again and again the dogs lunge at her throat and nose, opening fresh wounds until her strength and energy are all taken from the relentless onslaught.

Just as it looks like the fight will become fatal, it is stopped. Yet this is only to give the exhausted bear just enough time to recover before she’s taken back into the ring to face the dogs again. Unbelievably some bears are forced into this cruel contest up to 13 times a day.

In-between fights, life doesn’t get any better for an animal that is solitary by nature and would roam up to 20km a day in the wild. She’s tied to a post by a short rope and left, in her thick fur, in the scorching sun. Most bears used in these terrible contests exist on a painfully inadequate diet and insufficient water to drink. This means their injured, overheated bodies and open, infected wounds are never likely to heal.

The dogs too are often injured in the fights as the desperate bears struggle to defend themselves. It’s a fight that no animal can win.

Your support is helping make real progress to end cruelty to animals like the bears trapped in this horrendous ’sport’. Together with our local partner Wildlife Society of Pakistan we have identified and put a stop to more bear baiting events than ever before. Our most recent figures show that more than 150 events have been identified with 75% of the events being stopped. Yet many fights still take place and even one fight a year would be one fight too many for these noble and majestic bears. We cannot give up until this cruel practice ends.

We need to put a stop to end the injury and torment of bears used in these brutal events which sadly continue.

We hope you can help us do this with an urgent donation today so we can continue, and extend, our work to:

Locate and confiscate the bears used at these horrific events. We need the resources and capacity to track down illegal bear baiting events and rescue the bears. Your support can help us work alongside the authorities and provide them with the information they need to shut down the ghastly events.

Help the sanctuary provide the highest level of care for rescued bears. Before they can begin to enjoy the safety of their new home at the Kund Park Bear Sanctuary, the bears need specialist veterinary care and treatment. The sanctuary will provide the rescued bears with the natural diet and habitat in which to recover and live naturally, as they deserve.

Use education and awareness to stop the demand for this barbaric form of entertainment.  Within local communities we can work to change attitudes and make people aware that bears are sentient beings that experience fear and pain. As these events become unacceptable, the demand for bears to be forced into fighting will decrease and the cycle of cruelty will be broken.

We must act quickly because these bears should not have to endure another day of abuse and terror. To free bears locked in the cruelty of bear baiting and help end the cruelty of animals all around the world, please make an urgent donation today. Thank you.


To support our work online, click here. For phone donations please call WSPA Australia on 1300 13 9772 or WSPA New Zealand on 0800 500 9772.


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