Vanishing Point

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In an era where trends and gimmicks rule – Vanishing Point stand-alone in creating music with heart and soul. Forward thinking and progressive, Vanishing Point’s inherent uniqueness permeates through every aspect of the creative process – providing a rich and enthralling listening experience.

With the recent release their fourth album The Fourth Season, Vanishing Point has delivered what many hoped, a masterpiece of musical excellence that has no peers.

“Australia is not only about AC/DC anymore.” (AOR Dream Zones)

With four critically acclaimed releases and accolades too numerous to mention and a career spanning more than a decade, Vanishing Point is a musical phenomenon – exuding equal doses of confidence, creativity and vision. This attitude saw Vanishing Point be the first unsigned act to ever play the main stages of the celebrated Wacken Open Air Festival in 2000. They followed this up with a triumphant tour through Europe in 2001 with Gamma Ray and Sonata Arctica.

Recent shows across Australia and New Zealand as direct support to DragonForce has seen the band take their music to new levels of expression. No other band in the country can match the professionalism, showman ship or levels of entertainment generated in a Vanishing Point live show. Seeing them once is not enough, reliving the experience is essential.

“Fine solos and really beautiful melodies, they were certainly a terrific addition to the program.” (Metal Hammer, Germany)

“There (are) a million bands out there dreaming to play music (like this). Vanishing Point are playing this way (now).” (

Consisting of five like-minded, yet distinct individuals, the members of Vanishing Point are among the elite who push boundaries, erase labels and dismantle the preconceptions of what an International Heavy Metal band should be. A feat more often reserved for veteran acts, Vanishing Point were honoured by Sonata Arctica who has recorded the song “Two Minds One Soul” from Tangled in Dream. This example serves as a reminder of the respect levelled at the band and a testament to their skills as modern day composers.

“The sound gives every ounce of credit to International claims that Vanishing Point could well be the revelation from Downunder (Spin Magazine)

“Vanishing Point, remember this name because you will be hearing a lot more from them in the future.” ( Emerging through to the top ranks in cooperation with Riot!/Dockyard 1, Vanishing Point has now released their latest opus to critical acclaim and are poised for further success. Armed with a devoted worldwide fan base and their most accomplished release to date, Vanishing Point has with- The Fourth Season, established a new benchmark for the music industry.


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