Divine Ascension

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With a desire to cross boundaries and genres Divine Ascension was born.

Formed in April, 2007 Divine Ascension share a vision that seeks to combine jaw dropping musicianship, personal lyrics and a dynamic female vocalist not yet heard in the genre until now. With songs that explore the inner battles we all face at different stages in our lives, Divine Ascension search for the answers to the questions we all ask.

This can be clearly heard on the three track promotional recording Divine Ascension have completed. Each track is delivered with equal amounts of emotion and power, so much so that one can’t help but be swept away with the music. From the intricate foundation laid down by both bass and drums to the expressive keyboard embellishments and captivating guitar work to Jennifer’s emotionally charged vocals – Divine Ascension show that they have the class and talent to deliver.

One could label Divine Ascension melodic metal, but the unit draws influences from old school metal, power metal and progressive metal allowing Divine Ascension to find their own niche. This is clearly evident when Jennifer belts out the lyrics in such a unique fashion. With a background in cabaret, Jennifer’s delivery is brimming with character, diversity and style – taking the music into new other worldly realms.

Those who have been fortunate to witness the band in the live arena will testify to the sheer talent on display and it’s a place where the band clearly shines. It has been years since a group has been able to so visibly captivate an audience from the get go and hold their attention for the duration. Songs take on a whole new dimension to create a feeling that is truly divine.

Divine Ascension has recently received airplay and unanimous support from Musically Incorrect (3RRR FM) – Melbourne’s leading metal show. This has provided them with the respect they deserve in the Australian metal industry and this first step will allow them to win over new fans – as well as obtain the support they need to take their music to the far reaches of the world.

Divine Ascension is excited about bringing their music to the fore, both through their future albums and on stage. We look forward to you taking a part in this journey and joining us.


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