April 6, 2008 at 3:22 am (Uncategorized)

Category: Music

Here is the profile of a band I like, they’re called Asoma and they rock!!

It takes a unique blend of individuals to make a unique band.

Asoma stands alone as a band evading scenes and cliques, proudly creating it’s own brand of energetic rock.
An exciting combination of 3 different nationalities creates an original sound unlike what you’ve heard before. Sliding in between the sheets of pop and rock, Asoma warms the crowd with contagious melodies, backed with hot riffs and strong vocal harmonies.
No two songs are the same with these guys; The razorsharp sneer of ’SuperStar’ leads thru to the greasy singalong ’Gettin Sum’. Then from the melancholy ballad ’Running’ they wind up in the chaotic fury of ’Governator’.
An intriguing mix of sounds keeps the audience compelled, trying to guess their next move and makes for a wide appeal for all who attend their shows. Turin rocks his guitar and vox from the not-so-distant shores of NZ. Rene7 is extraordinarily talented on bass, harking from his native Austria. And Mark holds the fort as the local boy, pounding and sweating it out behind the kit.
These three guys are a fresh band, keen as any other to impress all those around them. With many years of experience between each of the members in the music scene, they know what it takes to get attention and keep it.
So Asoma is here, they want the big time and they certainly deserve it. So as their success blossoms, come along and enjoy the ride, you know it’s going to be a good one.

Cos I don’t know if y’all Gettin Sum, but I am!


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